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  Tutorial On Game Programming Using CDX - With Source Code of Space Invaderz 

     Space Invaderz  version v1.2-I !!! 

CFS 5-dove award

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    Minimum requirements:  

      I tested it with this configuration and it worked fine.  It should also work fine with a slower CPU and 16MB of RAM.





This software is FREE to use for everybody, but you can NOT alter it or claim you wrote it !


Download SInvaderz.exe v1.2   (1.08MB)



05/15/01 v1.0 - Initial release.

06/18/01 v1.1 - You will get 3 bullets on the 7th level.

01/16/02 v1.2   -  On the 3rd level press number 3 on your keyboard to engage/disengage other two guns.

                                                       If you get killed, you don't have to start the same level all over again.

                                                       Added countdown between levels.


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